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You’re My Obsession

I will have you

Yes I will have you

I will find a way and I will have you

Like a butterfly

A wild butterfly

I will collect you and capture you

Gola sneakers. (Click on the title to see them.)

Specifically, Harriers.

Very specifically, navy-and-light-blue suede Gola Classics Harrier trainers, size 7.5 US, 38 UK.

I must find them. Despite my objections to suede shoes.

Jillian, are you out there? Can you put on your Fashion Detective hat and help me find out how to get these? Conveniently? (Barney’s is the only shop listed on the East Coast. That is not convenient. I want a catalogue or an online store.)

Updated to add: These are The Shoes. These.



No wonder he worships you….


OK I swore I was keeping away from the computer today…but I couldn’t help but read a blog or 2.

But yeah…ok…Golas…easy. God, and for a second I thought you’d give me something difficult. I mean I am after all the girl who found a couture BCBG dress that the company itself swore I would have “better luck finding in Guam.” Yeah, well, I found it in California for like a third of the price.

I am pretty sure they have Golas at this store not too far from my house. I know because I have had my eye on them myself-in pink and blue lol. I can check and see if they carry your size, as well as how much they cost…and if you are desperate for them I can pick them up for you and pass them along to My Boy who can pass them along to Your Boy. Also, you might want to try Transit in the village…it’s on Broadway somewhere near Bleeker and is notorious for carrying lots of fun hard to find retro-type kicks.

See…it pays to have a friend like me sometimes! If it is out there-I will find it.

I should so be a personal shopper. Ha-ha…This is totally my proudest moment. LOL.


I love that song!!


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