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Clarifications for the Rumor Mill

  1. No, I wasn’t sold into white slavery, sex slavery or any other kind of slavery. Yes, that would be my uncle calling me Natalee . Yes, he has a dark sense of humor. Yes, please ignore him.
  2. No, I wasn’t scammed out of anything and I have no reason to think that anybody was trying to.
  3. No, I’m not too upset / embarrassed / etc. to talk about it. I’m fine about it. That said, to be fair, I wasn’t at the time. I’ve never had a more stressful few days. I was angry, scared, shaken and confused (ooh, and my skin was coming off off from the stress – good times). But I got back, slept, showered, confirmed that my memory of conversations and arrangements was accurate and I’m not totally crazy – and all that helped.
  4. No, I’m not sure what I’m doing for the next month. And although I never thought I could say this – I’m totally okay with that.
  5. Yes, people really have asked me these questions.
  6. Yes, I’m letting the pre-scheduled posts run. (You’ll probably figure out which are which.)

I want to be clear about two things.

First, I don’t think that I was actively in danger. I went to a small, remote, local organization because I thought I could make more of a difference there, but there were massive misunderstandings and disorganization, and it wasn’t a place where I could feel comfortable or do any good. That’s it. Cancel the Lifetime movie.

However, second, I absolutely was truly terrified. Because I was in a situation where my safety was totally out of my own control, and that wasn’t (and isn’t ever) okay.

So I hope that helps explain things a bit better.


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