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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 534-543

Cute kids, Other Me.

Aw, look, a couple of cuties amid the Eau Claire Express, and the many notices of houses for sale in Kent that were provided by the delightful JDM estate agents (who were very nice about removing me from their database).

* * *

Other Me was also invited to Mason’s 40th Birthday Bonanza in Marietta, GA. Which is nice. But I was super turned off by Michelle (Mason’s wife, maybe). She had an actual distribution list for her personal email. Like, one with an “unsubscribe” button and everything. Sure, it made it easy for me, but really, how must her actual friends feel?

* * *

And then, intriguingly:

From: Dawn
Subject: Model

Hi. My name is Dawn Adams and I had responded to a modeling ad you had posted for, on the Starnow website. You had got back to me with the opportunity that I was interested in. I would like to know more about this. Thank you.

So would I, Dawn. Wouldn’t you? A similar message came from Angel about a shoot. One does wonder, doesn’t one?

* * *
And finally, a ginormous inventory of consigned clothes, from which we learn that Chicagoland Other Me is quite petite and has rather expensive taste.

From: Clothes Attic’d
Subject: Inventory List
Hi Sarah,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to sell your items. I have attached an itemized list of everything that you will be selling, please take a minute to look it over.

Unfortunately, when I took a closer look at the items,we decided to pass on a few. Although we can’t sell them in our store I would be more than happy to donate them to another resale shop that supports the local women and family shelter. Of course, you also have the option of picking up your items in the next 7 days.

Please follow this link, and watch your money grow! Every time an item of yours sells it will be updated after 7 days, because of our return policy.

Your user name and password will be your email address that you supplied us with. Please allow 24 hours before trying to get it to the login.

Thanks again for joining our business.

Happy Selling!


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