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Why Work Out?

There are a lot of reasons not to work out. You’re too busy… too tired… have too many things to do. Running hurts your knees… your ankles… your self-esteem. You have allergies… a hangover… no idea where to begin.

But there are way better reasons to work out. Stronger bones. Stronger heart. More intelligence. Stronger muscles. Better sex. More energy. Better memory. Stronger lungs. Better sleep. Better mood.

Most of all? It’s just fun.

That last one is the kicker because most people haven’t gotten there yet. They haven’t realized that nobody is judging them for what they look like doing whatever they’re doing. They haven’t found the activity they love so much that they’ll go out of their way to get to do it.

They think they have to do something they hate and feel terrible doing it. That’s stupid. Don’t do that. 

Give anything you can think of a try till you find something you love. It’s there, I promise. Then schedule yourself into it for three months so that it can become a habit.

Then you’ll start to notice all the reasons you do it. The people. The fresh air. The rush. The achievement. The fun. 



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