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APADIA 20: Saying Too Much

I often wonder if I should have kept my mouth shut.

I try hard to not talk poorly about people. My general rule is to only say things about a person if I’d genuinely say the same thing in front of that person.

I often don’t succeed.

Sometimes you make a joke to be funny and it goes from lighthearted to ill-mannered. Sometimes you’re annoyed or hurt and you let your emotions talk, not what you know to be accurate. Sometimes you think out loud instead of letting yourself process long enough. Sometimes you tell more of another person’s story than you need to.

But, then, sometimes you don’t say enough. Sometimes you need to be open, to be descriptive, to be thorough, to be transparent. Sometimes being circumspect is really just being lazy or cowardly.

Hard balances to strike. It amuses me, though, how easy it is to judge whether someone else has said too much or too little… and how very hard it is to do for yourself.


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