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About Sarah

Before I answer any questions, thank you. For reading. So much. I can’t help writing – but you reading it is a thrill.

Who am I? The short version, work edition.
I am a writer. A marketing communications consultant. A journalist. A ghostwriter. I’ve done everything from public relations to social-media education to employee communications. Always in healthcare. For my current CV, see LinkedInSee also Blog 101 (2005), Twitter: The Primer (series, 2008), Going Tribal (2010) and The Matt Hall Questions (series, 2010).

Who am I? The short version, non-work edition. Bubbly introvert. Mostly reformed nomad. Surprise athlete. Compulsive organizer. Bookworm. Artist. See also Ten Things (2006), Desperate for Content… (2007), Stripping, Science and Other Fallback Careers (2008), Facebook to Blog to New York Times (2009), I Love Geeks (2010), Depression: Nothing to Get Depressed About (2011), Get to Know Your Blogger (2014), The Proust Questionnaire (2014) and Top Tens of 2014 (2014). And yes, in 2013 I was diagnosed with tall-cell papillary thyroid cancer (for that, search for “Interesting Times” posts).

So what do you do? Let’s go third-person with my bio:

Sarah Morgan has been a writer in, with and for the top healthcare companies in the world since 1997. Her previous positions include managing global compliance communications for Merck, serving as director of client services for MCS Healthcare Public Relations, and managing employee communications for Janssen Pharmaceutica.

Her master’s thesis, on the effects of social media on language, was conducted under noted media ecologist Dr. Paul Levinson at Fordham University‘s School of Public Communications. She has lectured to professional and academic audiences on the craft of writing, as well as on the implications of social media for healthcare, and has taught social media at the collegiate level.

Sarah specializes in health communications writing and strategy. Sarah blogs at; tweets at; and appears professionally at , informally at, and in real life in glorious New Jersey.