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England beats Argentina. I wish I knew more about football (other than that I decidedly like Beckham’s looks). The whole planet is at a frenzied standstill over the World Cup, and the big, fat, dumb USA doesn’t even notice. Don’t care about nothing unless it’s American… hormone-enhanced, artificially-colored, lard-fried, vacuum-packed, environmentally-unfriendly, and mass-marketed. Twinkie-hot-dog-Easy-Cheese sandwiches.

But then, perhaps we’re too busy inventing new parts of our executive branch on the pretense of homeland security. Who needs checks and balances, anyway? To heck with that eighteenth-century sentimentalism. Emperor Bush certainly doesn’t appear to need it.

Oooh, but I’m crabby today. Goodness me.

~ Happy birthday Krissen! ~


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