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“some dance to remember – some dance to forget”

There’s nothing like the Eagles on the treadmill to pass the time away.

Actually, that’s blatantly untrue. All of this soft-rock white-bread middle-aged CRAP they play on the Philly radio station in the gym is, in fact, quite a lot alike. Once-upon-a-time top-ten ooh-this-reminds-me-of-high-school back-when-I-was-attractive generic yuck. I mean, I like the Eagles and all. But does it ALL have to be the same old things? Ick ick ick.

Makes me look downright peculiar, if not actually trendy. (I work in suburban NJ. It doesn’t take too much. I take what little trendiness I can come by.)

So what do I like? What’s in my CD case this week, you ask? Here’s what I can remember. I hadn’t much else to say today, anyways. And, for your own personal edification, all of these are quite lovely and I highly recommend each and every one. And, as a proponent of piracy, I recommend you do not pay for them. I didn’t.

Veggietales – Silly Songs with Larry
Andrea Bocelli – Romanza
RENT – Soundtrack
Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile
All three FM III demos (love you baby)
Ministry of Sound – The 2002 Annual


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