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Not perfect… and so happy about it.

Today’s epiphany: people aren’t perfect. And the people you think are perfect are the ones who are pretty darn catty, stressed, and resentful when they finally have their little non-perfect melt-downs. (Identities removed to protect the innocent, although perfect-seeming.)

As someone that nobody thinks is perfect – thank goodness! – I do feel a little ashamed of finding happiness in other people’s unhappiness. But only a little. I’m glad nobody’s perfect. Yes, I’d like very much to be very much better at innumerable things, but if I didn’t have things to get better at, what would I do with myself?

And I’m glad I’m not surrounded by efficient, perfectly groomed, delightful robots. Hurray for bitchiness and sarcasm and long-windedness and idiocy. What else is there to laugh at in this world?


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