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Fun with Bart Simpson. I don’t know what the Spanish means, but you can figure it out.

Today’s my last day at work. It’s weird. Partly it’s weird because I’m sick, and I’m a bit dizzy and sniffly and not-altogether-with-it. But more it’s just strange that I won’t be working here any more. Even when I was working at a different office, it was for the same place. And now it’s over. Over is never very easy for me – I mean, I’ve worked here in one way or another for six years, and I’ve never worked full-time anywhere else. I don’t think I’ll miss it all that much, though.

I feel like I did before I left for England. I don’t exactly know where I’m going or what it’ll be like or who will be there or what I’ll do, but it’ll be different, and right now, that’s enough.

So, despite the dizziness, I’m pretty content. It’s a shame I was out sick yesterday, though: they had my ice-cream good-bye party without me! Greedy people.

Happy graduation Dustyn, Derek, Alaina, Jillian, and everybody else at FDU! It’s a rotten day for it, but I know you’re happy even with the rain.

Hee hee: my new favorite phrase: “starch coma”. I love Pamie.


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