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Spiderman? Who needs Spiderman when you could have Geckoman? Although that does sound alarmingly like Kikkoman to me, somehow, and I don’t know that I’d want a Soy Sauce Superhero.

Earlier (22 May) I talked about some news I’d gotten. Well, I’ve learned more, and I feel bad all over again for putting that person up on that unrealistic pedestal I’d had in my head. People have to do what makes them happy, and if what makes someone happy disagrees with a caricature someone has in their silly little head about that person, then maybe what needs to happen is that that person with the pedestal in their head (metaphorically speaking, anyway) should grow up and see people as the three-dimensional, flawed creatures they are. We are. I’m human today.

So I am duly attempting to do just that. But I kind of wish there really were pedestal heroes. It seems like growing up is all about removing one person after another from their pedestals. It makes sense, and it’s only fair, and all… but it’s still kind of sad. Don’t you wish there was someone irreproachable, someone you just worshiped? I kind of do.


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