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Something old…

…from my younger, more cynical, and clearly, improperly medicated days.

It’s so dismal it’s funny. Good lord, and I think of then as one of the best times of my life? Eek. I think I was trying to be “Dark.” “Serious.”

“Mental,” perhaps. Oh well… enjoy, if that’s your thing.

Importance of Lies

Everything important in life is based on a lie.

Politics—the lie that anyone can represent anyone else.
Government—the lie that people can live under any control happily.
Friends—the lie that you really understand each other.
Family—the lie that you’d be together if you weren’t forced to.
Love—the lie that someone else is more important than you.
Sex—the lie that sensation exists apart from emotion.
Art—the lie that anything really could be so perfect.
Drama—the lie of acting.
Nature—the lie that anything beautiful can last.

Nothing important can exist without lies.
Who wants to hear you do look awful?
That actually, we’re not happy to see you?
That you look older, fatter, and uglier than ever before?
That it isn’t me, it is you?
That you just aren’t good enough anymore to love?
That maybe you never were, but I was stupid?

Lies control us because we use them to control others.
Lies surround us because we surround ourselves in them.


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