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There are a few things that get me madder than intentional ignorance. People who know better but choose to believe the wrong things – and worst, spread the wrong things.

The Guardian is reporting that the Catholic Church is telling people not to use condoms because, they say, HIV can get through the condoms anyway. It does appear to be true, because it’s appearing not only in the Guardian: list.

In class last night we discussed Neil Postman’s Technopoly, and one of its basic tenets is not to cling to technology blindly. Just as we think people hundreds of years ago who clung to religion blindly were being silly, it’s taking the easy way out to try to use any “higher power” – religion or technology or whatever – to solve ALL your problems. You need to look at the issue.

So you have the clerics spouting the Bible and the scientists spouting their statistics and nobody listens to each other. In this case, though – at least as I see it – there is definitely a wrong and a right. People are dying – young people more than ever – and the Church is not only dissuading them from helping themselves, but lying. It must be lying.


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