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Got Jesus?

No? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can either

see Jesus’ name taken in vain by a teenager, or

learn about the perils of playing God.

Okay, that was just a bit too flippant. Firstly, it’s very terrible for anyone, including Jim Cavezeil, to get struck by lightning, and I’m very glad he’s okay, and it’s a shame that it will give the religious lunatics already mad at Mel Gibson more fuel. “God hates you!” Whatever. Asses.

And secondly, the 14-year-old with the religious blog doesn’t appear all bad. She’s got ideas of her own, which I like. She apparently refused for a long time to spell properly, which is a sin above many others in my book. But for all that, she seems like good people. Go ahead, Christina, blog for Lord Jesus, if that’s what does it for you.


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