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"The sun just came out… I can’t believe it."

It’s been a long time
Since I got along fine
Since I felt my own rhythm
Running down my spine
No more funky situations
Got me keeping me from singing
Every second every minute
Every second every minute.

– Dutch featuring Crystal Waters, “My Time”

I think I’ve got the lyrics a little off, but I like them best my way, ’cause it’s just how I feel. Things are looking up.

Also rolling around in my head are the lyrics to Utah Saints’ Two. Read them all here.

Today starts the run of the blonder and svelter than ever Biscuit‘s new play. I’m very excited for her and can’t wait to see it on Sunday. It will be odd to see her on stage in her underpants, though. I might not look, just for modesty’s sake. But I know she’ll be fantastic.


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