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Yesterday, in the gym, I was watching Headline News and saw President Bush sign a bill into law that – broadly – gives states more financial incentive to get older foster children adopted.

Here’s more information about the law, if you’re curious. But anyway. Is it a good law? Definitely. Yay for the law.

But it was what he said before he signed it.

Something about how this shows how every human life is valuable to this administration.

Something, that to my suspicious but untrained ears, sounded very, very pro-life, very anti-abortion… in short, very inappropriate for that occasion.

That man really just forces me to dislike everything about him, even when he’s doing things I do agree with.

I think it’s fantastic that foster children should get permanent homes with people who love them. Very important and very wonderful.

But I’m suspicious of the motives behind it, because if all it is is another justification of every-human-life-oh-yes-even-the-unborn…. Well.

First of all, that totally minimizes the important issue of adoption and finding safe, happy homes for these kids.

But furthermore, I’m not a raging pro-choice yay-abortion person. I have very mixed feelings about abortion and whether or not it’s a good thing to do. But I do believe very strongly that it should be an option. A legal option.

And that this man who’s grown up with a silver spoon in his ferrety little mouth and has probably not had the need to make an incredibly difficult choice like that… that he wants to pound his fist and remove that option for all kinds of women in all kinds of situations that are so completely different from his own life experience… it just makes me so mad.


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