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…now let’s go home.

First, the last work day before Christmas has been far busier than I wanted or planned or expected, and really busier than is just Right in the all-reaching Scale of Appropriateness.

Second, the “quick” (stop laughing) trip to Best Buy at lunchtime (stop it, I said) was not in the least a good idea. (All right already. It was dumb. I get it.)

Third, I’ve just been blown off for one of my holiday visits. That I was making, even, not receiving.

Fourth, I’ve got to do Mildly Unpleasant Errands tonight – like get my chubby behind weighed and go to Confession.

Fifth, the Boy is going out to do some well-deserved partying tonight, but I’m so behind on sleep I would be thoroughly Bad Company, in a not-fun way, not in a bad-80s-band way.

So I’m feeling slightly lonely and grouchy altogether, but I’m hoping to get all this Grinchiosity out of my system tonight so I can enjoy myself thoroughly for the next few days.

All my presents are bought, and all but three are wrapped very prettily with ribbons and bows. Which, incidentally, is a must. It is sad to see packages all naked. But anyway, so yeah, my packages are packaged, my shopping is shopped, my baking is baked. All I’ve got to sort out now is myself, and I can manage that.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


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