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This Post Requires Very Little Effort.

And that’s how I want it. The last bit of 2003 required quite a lot of effort – stress and energy and emotion – and so I would like to spend the very first part of 2004 snuggled under a red fleece blanket with a magazine and a cup of tea. I wish you similar small happinesses.

This (copycatted from the Biscuit) eerily accurately describes how I feel at the moment.

statler jpeg
Which Muppet Are You?

You are Statler or Waldorf. You have a high opinion of yourself, as do others. But only because you are in the balcony seats.

SPECIAL TALENTS: Heckling, complaining, being cantankerous.

QUOTE: “Get off the stage, you bum!”

LAST BOOKS READ: “The Art of Insult” and “How To Insult Art”


What Muppet are you?
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