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I only caught half of the Super Bowl, but I did get the halftime show. Poor Britney’s spent all day on the phone trying to figure out what she can do now in the Britney/Justin game of Gotcha Last, in which the entire media universe is the playing field.

I’m gonna make a video about us breaking up.
Oh, yeah? I’m gonna kiss Madonna.
Oh, YEAH? Well, I’m gonna rip Janet Jackson’s top off.

Check, Brit.

And now, this. (Copyright Neil Postman.)

Pamie gets deep about how you shouldn’t hate the work you do, even when you, well, sort of do. It’s something to think about.

And a brief bit about me… the short version is, I had more eye surgery on Friday, ’cause I wasn’t being a baby after all, but instead was in pain because I was having a Tic-Tac-size piece of silicone rub its way through the wall of my eye. Yeah.

this, from Colin… and we thought our silly American Super Bowl commercials were good. Good gracious, what they do get up to in Canada.

And finally…
a Jamie Oliver contest. Enter, won’t you? And win? And bring me? It’s all for a good cause… and I even mean besides him being so perfect….


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