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I Must Stop Pretending My Life Is a Ruse.

‘Cause it just ain’t. It is what it is. Nobody’s going to sneak up behind me and go all Publishers-Clearing-House-style “Woooooo surprise yaaaay for you!” on my ass, and I’ve just got to accept that. Sigh.

This week is plenty of work, mundanity and errands, some school thrown in, and a big heaping cold on top of it all. All of which give not a shit that tomorrow’s my birthday and I’m supposed to be Princess VerySpecial.

But I’ve got two fairy-god-divas offering advice. (Thank you!) I guess with some new CDs and some apple-cider vinegar, I can make it livable. And although this week isn’t shaping up to be too very good, I hope very much that this weekend will be fun.

Nothing much else to say now. I don’t like being all dear-diary-ish, so that’s enough of that, and I haven’t got anything fun or creative or particularly cheerful in me at the moment, so that’s all you get.


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