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What the Hell Is Bloglines? Or, Watch Me Hop on the RSS Bandwagon.

I’m such a loser. This is so cool. I can’t decide which sentence is truer.

See, I’ve been trying to figure this RSS thing out for weeks. Poynter was talking about it; YoungPRPros was talking about it – and I was totally not understanding.

But really, it’s awfully easy. Those links on the right that I’ve always had to the other sites I read? RSS is some crazy computer magic that does that for you, except updated, organized and instantly. And it does it in some computerspeak so that other sites can understand when you’re updated and automatically update everyone who gets your RSS feed. And aggregators like Bloglines manage all the RSS feeds you sign up for so you don’t have to understand any of the techie bits.

So there’s three super-specially fabulous things.

One, an aggregator gives you a Web-accessible place where you can see them all – kind of like your mail folders in Outlook.

Two, and more pertinent here, it can give you a lovely little Javascript (look right) that you can plop right into your own personal site so you can let other people see what you’re reading.

But three, – it lets other people – i.e., you – subscribe to my very own little site feed so you can be quite easily up to date on whatever nonsense I have to say. (Look just above for the little blue box – and click on it!)

This Internet. I swear. It’s just so fucking cool sometimes.


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