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Yeah, so I lied. Sue me. I was a bit low on earth-shatteringly new stuff to put on here. A bit completely out, if you want to get particular. So, what is there?

Well, there’s ruckus afoot at the alma mater. (Can you describe the ruckus?) Shootings and stabbings and beatings, oh my. The worst thing I ever saw at the student center was the food… or the legalized prostitution that is Greek Week… but I digress.

This weekend was fantastic (as long as you weren’t at FDU-Madison, apparently). All the stars were in the right places, I guess….

…and one of them was in Philadelphia, on stage in the DJ booth, doing what he does so well – making a thousand people happy.

Despite my trendy white mohair halter top shedding so badly that I resembled nothing so much as an oversized dandelion, I had the best time I’ve ever had at a club. And that was pretty good indeed. Lots of laughing and dancing and being with people. Good people. People I don’t see nearly as often as I want to. And I think every one of them who wanted to had an equally good time, which made it even better.

And because I’m old, maybe by Memorial Day weekend I’ll have slept enough and be recovered enough to do it again.


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