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A Few Additional Rules for Living.

If open-toed shoes, then pedicure.

Vanilla is just about always better than chocolate.

Neuhaus chocolate an exception to the above.

The word is spelled “dammit,” not “damnit.” I don’t care why.

Gossiping is okay; talking about people behind their backs is not okay. A fine line.

“Home in,” not “home in.”

If you mean “I,” say “I.” Nobody is so busy that they can’t use pronouns to begin their sentences.



Well, broke the first rule Saturday night then. Oh well. Lucy and Ethel approved of the new shoes which makes up for it I think. On number two you are wrong wrong wrong, silly girl. Also, thank you thank you thank you DAMMIT.

I guess you’re allowed your own rules for your own living. I think the one universal rule for everyone is: Have your own rules for living and don’t try to make them everyone else’s rules. (Not that I think you are:)

BTW, I think these “rules” posts are a very good example of the kind of essay-thing you have been wanting to write, that we were discussing a little while ago. They stretch your writing muscles and are entertaining to read.

Lots o’ love,

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