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Two-hour wait on the runway (in the plane) at Newark Wednesday to get to Raleigh. We get there late.

Work follows on Thursday. Early day, but good altogether, I think and hope. We finish early.

I am the last standby to get onto the 3:10 flight, instead of the 6:00. I’m psyched.

We sit on the runway for four hours. We take off after 7:00.

We land at Dulles at 9:00 because New York airports have closed down.

At 11:00, we get on a bus at Dulles. We get to Newark at 3:30.

I get to the take a shower at 4:15 and am in bed by 5:00.

There are more amusing ways to tell this story, but right now I have neither the time nor the adrenaline to do so.

I still love Newark Airport though.



hmm…how did one get from Newark to home and the shower?



At that point, it hardly mattered.


You forgot the A.M.’s and P.M.’s


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