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"Electic" Is Not Even the Word

I am running into great frustration in my entertainment media these days.

As aforementioned, I am dubious about the title of the sixth Harry Potter book.

(And before you tell me I’m either immature or just jumping on a bandwagon of something popular, I will take a moment to remind you that I finished the first Harry Potter book on September 1, 1999, on my way to study at Wroxton. Long before most people had heard of it. So nyah nyah. And I have just now realized the irony in that… since in every book, Harry & co. start classes at Hogwarts on the first of September. Anyway, I digress. I totally own up to the immaturity, though. But I still digress.)

So although I don’t altogether cotton to the title, I’m sure it will be perfect and wonderful and make thorough sense and be altogether delightful… just as soon as it comes out and I can read it. And the pricking of my thumbs tells me it its publication will be announced soon, but “soon” is not “now” and ergo frustration. I WANT my new book.

In entirely different news, Opie and Anthony have been promising/threatening (depending on your tastes) to come back to radio for over a year now, and now they say that “something” may be announced on the 4th of July. But they’ve said things like that before. And, if what they announce is that they’ve signed with XM satellite radio and not with Sirius, I will be COMPLETELY disgruntled.

So: more frustration. I think I need to listen to more classical music, or something.


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