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The Frustration, She Continues. Or, How to Punt a Poodle.

The Fantastic and Long-Hoped-For Central American Vacation to Paradise with The Boy? It is not coming together too easily. The reservation people at Spectacular Resort No. 1 were all nice and sweet… until it got down to brass tacks, at which point they suddenly couldn’t help me with anything in my price range. Something three times the original price, sure, but our originally discussed reasonable rate – oh no no no.

So I am on to Plan B, and hoping something good will come of that.

And as for the the dog-sitting… let’s just say if the little bastard snaps at me one more time, I very well may bite right back.

I must get this vacation settled soon… I need it more every day. But first I’m calling the dog owners and letting them know what their dog is up to.


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