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Tramps Like Us

Last night, The Boy and I went to see Cowboy Mouth at Sin-E.  That they were terrific goes without saying.  I will admit that I like their recent stuff less than their old stuff, but now that they have corporate sponsorship and can afford to take time off and record new songs, I have high hopes for them. 

For the love of God, find their music and see them live already, so I can stop trying to convince you to do it, please? 

And they did a really good cover of “Born to Run,” which was a lot of fun.

We had a lovely little dinner beforehand and an even better dessert afterward, wandering around the LES a bit.  Lovely neighborhood. 

We even found ourselves outside the Vixen‘s favorite restaurant.

And I got three different compliments from strangers on my fabulous new t-shirt, cause I’m just the best.

Can I link anything else?  I think I can.

Less than two weeks until Belize!


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