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Survivor: Vanuatu

The new castaways are announced. You could click on the link above to read about them, or you could save yourself the time, because I’ve summed it all up for you. I’m just so thoughtful, aren’t I?

I don’t have any idea who’s going to win – nothing like that. I’m just mostly looking for who looks least likely to make you want to throw something at the TV. This season, I’m hoping it’s Rory.

Now we wait a month to find out if I’m right.

(Thanks to the Boy for being so up on this stuff and telling me they were posted.)



You are obsessed. But I guess I have no room to talk about being obsessed with television shows. Also, you should be writing for TWOP. So should we all.

Mia sounds like my sister. Vegetarian-looking pixie type that can either be sweet or annoying as hell 🙂


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