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Autumn in New Jersey

Like that terrible movie of a similar name, but not depressing – with the nice crunchy leaves, though.

The topic has arisen among people who shall remain nameless but know who they are because they have great big Stepford New York attitudes and dare to disparage my first love, Jon Bon Jovi – of New Jersey and why someone would like it there. Someone like me does like it there. And quite honestly, there are few places I would rather be in the fall.

Pumpkin picking.

Leaves changing.

Crisp days.

Hot apple cider.

The empty beach.

Great big fields at parks with dogs and kids and all kinds of people out in the fresh air.

Fresh sweet corn.

Bands of trick-or-treaters scurrying around in the dark on Halloween.

As always, it’s near enough to Manhattan for day trips, meetings, nights out, etc. And especially in light of recent Acts of God, there is very little risk of tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or other devastating natural occurrences.

What on earth could be better than that?



Well…THIS Stepford went to school in New Jersey…so I guess I sort of have this weird place in my heart for it. I mean “Living on a Prayer” instantly gives me fond memories of late nights in NJ…tho there were times I wish it didn’t LOL.

But I am all for pumpkin picking. I am trying to introduce the other Stepford to all the potential fun and enjoyment that can come from it…

And what do you know? I just might be going pumpkin picking in NJ this year. So, you see…I don’t hate on it all that much.


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