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"Undress You, and Come Now to Bed."

I’m so done with this day that all that quote means to me right now is: bedtime? Did someone say bedtime?

The main thing is that schoolwork is interesting and the amount of work is not completely overwhelming but it definitely does requre more time than I have yet given it. This will need to change. And work is fine and good and busy and interesting and stressful but in a good and challenging way. In case you were curious. Art class is, of course, awesome. Nicki is utterly fantastic and good.

I have run across my old quote books – two blank books going back at least to 1996, getting fuller and fuller of quotes I’ve run across and liked for one reason or another. It’s a little difficult to tell the order they were all put in there, unless you’re me, and some of the fun of rereading them is seeing where my head was at and what made me choose certain quotes. I think everyone should have one.

And, on that note, I’ve just read Mae West’s “He who hesitates is a damn fool,” so I’m going to go back to writing my assignment for class now and stop procrastinating.


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