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Why I Need to Move, Reason No. Bazillion

The owner of the house where I’m house-sitting visited this weekend. Cool. I wasn’t around much but it was nice to see her briefly.

She had a colleague stay in one of the spare bedrooms, as they were at a conference together. Also cool.

I came back last night.

And the towel. In my bathroom. Was wet.

This total stranger, who I’ve never even met, felt it appropriate to use my bath towel. Not any of the closetful of the homeowner’s towels, which are right next to the bathroom. No. The towel I had hanging there, that had clearly already been used by me.

Just ew.



It was a woman. And I know her name was Barbara, because this morning I noticed her conference nametag in the bathroom trash can. And yes, it was very, very nasty. (The using of the towel, I mean, not the nametag.)


twig and berries jillian? man i feel bad for you – well its not really you i feel bad for.


ok I have to ask if this person was male or female…because if they were female I think it’s a hundred times more disgusting…

altho some one’s twig and berries all over your towel…well that’s not good either. Hmm…I suppose it’s nasty if they were male too then. Eck.


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