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I’m Going to be a Cheesehead for Halloween

Go, Green Bay, go!



Pontius Pilate… all I’d need would be a bathrobe and a bowl full of water!


holy crap, how about adding a spell-checker to this thing…goddamn i’m pathetic


Me as Hillary?

That would be pretty funny, however since crossdressing is not my bag and I don’t have a life, I leave it up to you, oh queen of photoshop to do your worst.
By the way, what’s wrong with the San Diego Chicken??? That’s nice and clam, yet humorous at the same time. But the blind guy/german shepard double act is too good for me to let go. Think about it, if you saw to shmucks walk into a party looking that ridicules, you’d remember that.


All right you two. Don’t make me turn this car around!


hmm…Matt as Hillary Rodham Clinton. Shit I’d be Pontius Pilate to see that! Sarah how about that! You be Pontius Pilate and I’ll be Jesus on the cross! That makes Hitler seem like a Powerpuff girl. Is that thunder i hear?


The Fuhrer is staying home this Halloween.

YOU as Hillary, though… now THAT has potential!


by the way little miss left wing, I got the joke, which was my point it that it would make the Führer costume all the funnier being that you’d be wearing it, Hillary.


fine, be no fun….still the German Sheperd or San Diego Chicken get-up would be classic.


I think maybe you missed the link there that explains why… but even if not… for the last time… I AM NOT BEING HITLER FOR HALLOWEEN!


I still think my three ideas would be a whole lot funnier….

-your bro

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