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Frank and I got engaged Friday night.

! ! !

It feels so weird to say it like that – not just to say it (although it was weird at first, but it’s starting to feel regular) but to say it just out like that, without a drum roll or something first – and most of all to do it in such an impersonal way like this.

But it does feels like we’ve called the whole world, so ideally you’ve heard it from one of us (or one of our relatives) already.

It’s beautiful and wonderful and a total surprise, and crazy and wonderful and strange and completely normal… and just altogether good and happy.

Altogether a lot like us, so really it couldn’t be more exactly right.





What, no pictures of the ring?

Dustyn Kurt Gobler

Karen took the words out of my mouth.


I continue to be ecstatically happy for you both.

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