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Conspiracy Theory

It would be really fun to be all giggly and girly about being engaged! But honestly, I think nobody wants to hear that besides me and maybe one or two other people. (Well, I hope at least one. Heh.)

So, onward and upward… or downward… to Election 2004. And some freaky-ass conspiracy theories, that make me either want to laugh at them… or kind of wonder.

Some about it.

More about it.

Do I think our president is controlled Wizard-of-Oz-style by Karl Rove? No, not really, I don’t.

But when you put together the photographs of the rectangular lump on his back, the recording of him pausing and muttering, the changes of his speaking style from governor to president, et al – well, it certainly has at least a little bit of a logical basis.

More than anything, it makes me sad that the person running the country has so little of the confidence of the public that a kind-of-wacky conspiracy theory like this becomes believable by virtue of his being completely, frighteningly uninspiring.



I will always want to hear girly giggly stuff about your engagement…so please do keep writing about it!


That’s an awesome link!


I always want to hear you be giggly and girly about your engagement and this is your blog so you can talk about whatever you want.

That being said, I think the guy on Crossfire said it best. If Rove was feeding W lines, he wouldn’t sound as stupid as he does.


I think this is more creepy than funny, but here’s W doing a u2 cover:


it was his own version of quatto. (total recall anyone? anyone? …bueler?)

it was his suit all messed up, he’s a bad dresser that doesn’t mean he’s the manchurian canidate.


So like I’m saying: it’s probably a bunch of crap.

But like I’m also saying: what WAS that funky rectangular thing between his shoulder blades, then?


that’s pretty f-ing pathetic. and that’s coming from someone who usually believes this sort of crap.
let’s play along. let’s say someone was feeding him lines, why the hell would you put it on his back where you know you could see it? plus there were enough press there with wireless mics and such that the conversation had to have been intercepted.

and to top it all off, everyone knows that Bush gets his answers directly from God and you don’t need a reciever for that. Duhhhh…..

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