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Fall Down Go Boom

Yesterday’s story:

I get up from my desk to get lunch. What I do not realize is that since I’ve had my legs crossed, my left leg has fallen asleep. I stand up, the outside of my left foot does that thing where it kind of rolls under, I hear a crunch, my leg gives out and I fall over.

So after an odyssey across New Jersey that included a doctor’s appointment and some X-rays, I have a sprained ligament in my foot. It’s purple and I’m gimpy and Aleve-d and I’ve got it on a chair with an icepack. And I feel like a jackass. Leave it to me to hurt myself IN MY CUBICLE.



you’re icing AND heating did your dotcor recommend that? Generally you should only ice a new injury 15 minutes every hour for maximum effects. I don’t want to contradict what your dotcor told you thought because he/she was the one who actually examined you and I’m just looking at pictures on the internet. : )

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