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We ARE the X Factor.

You might be sick of everybody telling you to vote. Everybody’s got some cute “go vote” slogan.

Get Out the Vote.

Vote or Die.

Votie Votie Vote Vote.

I don’t care if you’re sick of it. The election is a week away. And it is so important to vote that I can’t even express it.

I don’t even care who you vote for. You probably know my political beliefs. I think the outcome of the election is hugely important. But this is bigger than that.

Think about this: people under age 30 made up only 15% of voters in the last election. That’s a new low. That’s disgraceful. WE’RE disgraceful.

Young people always complain that nobody listens to us and nobody pays attention to what we want and what’s important to us. But the only way to change that is to vote.

It is very simple. Voters are important to politicians. People who do not vote are not.

You voting makes politicians take that much more notice of you and of people our age in general.

Whatever you stand for – gay rights, the right to choose, the legalization of pot, drug reimportation, immigration, prayer in school, the right of Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for President, Puerto Rican statehood – STAND for it, just by voting next week.

And maybe you don’t have any particularly strong beliefs right now. So you don’t think you need to bother taking the extra 20 minutes to go vote. But what if an issue comes up that you DO care about? What if you care about it so badly that it makes your head spin when you see somebody else making a decision on it that will affect you?

You need to matter. You need to make yourself matter.


It’s ridiculously easy, and it’s so fucking important.



I am going to vote this election day as I do every election day. Except i am not going to do it cause i think it matters or cause i give a rats ass who wins. I am doing it cause many men and women have died so that this country can have the right to vore and i will do so out of respect to only them. But no matter which of the two idiots running wins this election (bush or non-bush), nothing will change. but maybe if non-bush wins, i will see less hippies protesting and complaining rather than working. so this could be a good thing.


I understand this sentiment. I know how important it is, thats why I will vote and have in the past. Hope you don’t take this the wrong way but, I’m glad only 44% of the population votes in presidential elections and I’m getting sick of these PSAs all jamming voting down my throat. Like I want to be reminded by Tony Hawk how I should do my civic duty when all I want to see is two retards on mtv getting the crap beat out of them with a baseball bat.
I don’t trust the average Joe Schmo to decide my leaders so I’m glad the leave it up to me. In fact, I wish less people would vote, it would make mine all the more important. If you disagree with this then get a job in retail, or have any contact with people in large groups and you’ll see that human beings are sheep, plain and simple. Led around by a leash and brought to make a “choice” between two bozos who have one thing going for them, and that’s they know how to work a crowd. The less voice we give to the masses the better. The framers of the constitution knew this (i.e. giving people a bigger voice in the lesser of two congressional bodies, meanwhile the senate is much more important) and it scared the crap out of them to give this much power to the people.
In countries that have mandatory voting, studies have show that the canidate who’s name is first on the ballot ALWAYS receives more than when a open ended poll is taken. Reason being, people check off the first name because it’s quicker than thinking. When the votes are tallied, those votes don’t get thrown out. It’s not like they have checks to see if they vote for Mickey Mouse or something. They are stuck in the booth and they want to leave as soon as possible. Same sentiment as what’s in this country, except they are forced to be there. We give a choice, so the apathetic morons can stay home. So the canidate who’s first on the ballot usually wins. No matter who it is.
Personally I’d rather have 44% vote than have the other brain-dead 56% piss the vote away and have it really screw us in the end.
Which is worse, having a majority of people not care? or having a majority of people not care AND still decide who runs the most power country this planet has ever seen?

(step off soapbox)

Sorry if I pissed you off. But thats what I’m best at.


Ignore previous post.

Please go out and vote for Kerry –
like him or not, at least he won’t futher enrage the international community!

Dustyn Kurt Gobler


A few months ago I would have indubitable agreed with your post. However, over the last few months that opinion has changed. I’ve had an opportunity to get a slightly more insider view of ‘the game’.

Both parties take turns being the “bad guy”, but I assure you it’s all very coordinated, like a Shakespearean play. Both Kerry and Bush went to the same college, were part of the same Frat and have the same donors.

Remember the kids running for class president in high-school? Same thing, larger high-school.

But please don’t lose any sleep over something as silly as politics. Trust me, you’ll feel better Nov 3rd.


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