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I have to say, even after two or three years, it truly just does blow my mind that anyone reads this. I don’t know that I’ll ever quite get used to the idea. Nor do I quite know how to take it. Perhaps it means I’m mildly entertaining. Perhaps it’s just means you’re bored too. Who knows.

And now… this!

Apropos of utterly nothing, I’m sharing this link because I sent it to Sars this morning:

Dusty, you’ll get the Neil Postman quote there. And I feel you on the inherent pointlessness of the democratic system. But it’s all we got, so I’m going to hope it will do something good. If not, I wonder what countries take U.S. expats seeking asylum.

If nothing else, I’m going to a crazyass Election Day party. I’ll let you know which major media to find coverage at.


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