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A Patient Sufferance

Conrade: What the good year, my lord! Why are you thus out of measure sad?

Don John: There is no measure in the occasion that breeds; therefore the sadness is without limit.

Conrade: You should hear reason.

Don John: And when I have heard it, what blessing brings it?

Conrade: If not a present remedy, at least a patient sufferance.

The dust is settling and the people have chosen. God, do I wish the people had chosen differently, but this is what we have. And, for the next four years, all I want is to be wrong. I want all of us to be happier and healthier and safer and more satisfied and comfortable and better off than I think that we are going to be. Please prove me wrong, George.

But, if not that – if there is no present remedy, let’s just be sad for a little while that things aren’t different, and then fix up our patient sufferance without whining too much and get to it. Four more years, indeed.


Dustyn Kurt Gobler


Your blog is turning into You need to go back to reporting your life. That’s why I visit this site everyday 🙂

Anyway, Be well. No more politics from my mouth… er, fingers.



Ain’t noplace Utopia. There’s just some places certain people find for themselves where they fit better than others. Like I, for instance, would not fit in Oregon, clearly, because I, like you, support gay rights.

If I may go a bit further, I am appalled by the widespread support for the ballot measures. And you’re quite right, that support isn’t due to which person happens to be sitting in the Oval Office; it’s the opinions of individual Americans.

However, unlike you, I do believe that Bush is going to try to get an amendment passed, because it was one of his campaign promises, and I think his evangelical constituents are going to try to hold him to it. I very much hope I’m mistaken.

(By the way, Dick Cheney’s saving grace, in my esteem at least, is his support of gay rights.)

I do agree with you that voting is not where your opportunities for involvement and action end. However, I do think that it’s an extremely important beginning, and I was very glad to see that turnout was high for this election (regardless of my opinion of the results).

Dustyn Kurt Gobler

Mr. Bush won’t need to pass an amendment because the AMERICAN PEOPLE are directly voting against gay rights through Ballots Measures. 57% of Liberal Oregon Banned Same-Sex Marriage, well over a majority.

Please keep in mind that Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards were conveniently absent when the amendment went to senate last September. Mr. Cheney on the otherhand, has been an outspoken supporter of Gay Rights and was in disagreement over Bush about the amendment. Also keep in mind that utopian England, France and Germany don’t accept Gay Marriage.

However, as a supporter of Gay Rights this is distracting from my point that ‘we’ give the president much more power then he really has. “But as long as George Bush is President, You always have a good excuse not to have a job.” As read in the comic ‘Boondock’.

Voting for Kerry gives people an EXCUSE to do nothing. Voting gives anyone an excuse for inaction. Instead of actually doing something hard but meaningful, (running for a local office, trying to understand why 57% of people in Oregon are against Gay Marriage) these political bums in Washington have millions of people convinced that their responsibility ends at the voting booth. And afterwards they go home, put on the TV, and think they have the right to complain because, “At least I voted.”

But enough.


This “silly ‘Bush’ thing” is what’s going to present a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage rather shortly.

You can say they’re all the same – and I see your point to a degree – but he’s going to have to present results to his evangelical fan base and they really want him to deliver on that. God fucking forbid. Separation of church and state my ass.

Dustyn Kurt Gobler

Ok, while everyone’s being sad about this silly ‘Bush’ thing, I would like to point out something much much much more important.

Notice how 11!!! ‘Ban Same-Sex Marriage’ Ballots passed by huge amounts, even in liberal states (Oregon 57% and Michigan 59%).

Think: If Ohio is the political ‘middle’ of America. Then, think about how conservative Ohio looks from New Jersey. America is much more conservative then we’d like to think.


Boy are you more patient than me. RAGE!

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