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525,600 Minutes

Oh dear. It’s been exactly a year since I was in England. And ooooh I miss it. I always do, a bit, but things like this – “anniversaries” – make me outright homesick.

Especially since I’m moving out of Bizarre Housesitting Situation and back to the Edge of Nowhere Condo of Dad this weekend.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, in some ways, n’est-ce pas?

But on the other hand, my goodness, things are different than they were a year ago. Primarily on the Now I’m Engaged and Don’t Get Me Started or I’ll Bore You Silly with Details front.

So, no one’s getting “pressies” from Accessorize or the Virgin Megastore London this Christmas. Me included, unfortunately!

(In passing, may I recommend the Virgin Megastore UK site for their very cool wallpapers, especially the extremely sexy Bourne Identity one? Mrowr.)

But many exciting things are happening, and if I can listen to the extremely intelligent and well-meaning guidance of The Boy (which is nothing I don’t already know but he is a useful reminder) regarding budgetary matters, all will be well.

And, if I can manage to get about thirty more hours in every day, I may actually be able to do all the things I’m trying to do.

For your edification and mine, here’s a short timeline of all the Wonderful Yet Stressful Things in my life that I am trying to plan and handle simultaneously:

(You will notice that my recent habit of Capitalizing Unimportant Words as if I Were German or Something does not make the timeline, but it is bothering me nonetheless.)

Much to do. Much goodness. Exciting and happy. But also a bit overwhelming. Making me miss the Abbey that much more. Not that I’d rather be there. Just that it’s different and nice.

Not better… not worse… just different.



I am in no way German (unless I somehow get that small part of it through sex), but Germans do not randomly capitalize words. They capitalize nouns. Why? Because I said so? No.. It’s because it’s a mandatory part of the grammar. Sometimes I think other languages are difficult but when I just spent about 5 minutes wondering if “it’s” was supposed to be “its” I realize that English is probably one of the most difficult. And I’m not even sure if I got “it’s” right.


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