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I Would Pick a New Template…

…but I am so afraid.

I am also unimpressed by the otherwise stellar Blogger’s lack of variety when it comes to templates.

Le sigh.



I got hit on the head recently and forgot everything about computers, internet, html, the number 4, so I am no longer a good resource when it comes to web pages.. or the number 4.


You always should save your code before you switch templates. Just go into the template, hit control-C, open up a Word document, hit control-V, and save that so you can get to it if you need to.


I’ve been wanting a new template as well. But I agree that the selection is just eh.

Also, the last time I switched a template I lost a lot of the little extra’s I had added to the site. Extra’s that took me forever to figure out how to add in the first place.

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