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What’s In Your Wallet?

You probably have a dollar – maybe even a little more – that you don’t need. At least, not as bad as these kids might.

So c’mon, give a little bit. Send a smile. Show you care. You know the song.



I was thinking of the Goo Goo Dolls cover of the Supertramp song.

I was NOT, incidentally, thinking of “Hot in Herre.”

You can keep leaving comments if you go sponsor a kid to go back to school!


What song are you referring to?

Could it be,
MA$E – Breath Stretch Shake
I give my wife things that she dream and more
I give a little bit, and she fiend for more (lets go)
I’m back like Moses to bring the law (Come on)
Brand new saint Mase in mean velour
I had bling before you ever seen the tour
Fans from Iran and Singapore
And grown men beg me to bring them on tour
Even if it mean they gotta sleep on the floor (Let’s Go!!)

naw, that can’t be it.. it doesn’t even rhyme right..
or is it,
Nelly – Hot in Herre
mix a little bit of ah ah
with a little bit of ah ah
(let it just fall out)
give a little bit of ah ah
with a little bit of ah ah
(let it all hang out)
with a little bit of ah ah
and a sprinkle of ah ah
(let it just fall out)
i like it when ya ah ah
Girl, baby make it ah ah

unless “ah ah” is a form of currency, that can’t be it either..
oh wait I know!!
Rick Springfield – Written in Rock
Everybody keeps a lonely heart
And everybody gets that feeling
Everybody needs another heart
To give a little bit of healing to a battered soul

Close.. but too cheesy.. I think I finally found it!!
Supertramp – Give a Little Bit
Give a little bit
Give a little bit of your love to me
Give a little bit
I’ll give a little bit of my love to you
There’s so much that we need to share
So send a smile and show you care

Ding Ding Ding Ding!! I win what’s behind door number 2. Is it a monkey? Is it a pear? I hope it’s brake fluid mixed with chlorine!

Yeah, I’m kinda bored.. I’m waiting for a long simulation to complete. I understand if I am forever banned from leaving comments on your blogs 😉

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