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Free Music and Ethical Dilemmas – Surprisingly, Unrelated to Each Other

Who knew that Amazon had free music downloads? Apparently, The Boy, and all of humanity with a plug besides me. Ah well. I’m on it. And at this rate, this will keep me plenty happy without illegal downloads.

Between that, that is, and Radio Hoodies . That, I’m pretty sure I figured out before most people. The Neighborhoodies are good people.

So, what’s what around here, other than my new free music craze? Plenty, as always.

School starts again on Monday, so I’m already missing the time off from that I’ve been enjoying. It’ll be a chaotic summer, but it’s all good and it’ll all get done, as always.

I’m not sure I handled something properly this week. I know a person who is extremely nice, but also very intolerant. So I avoid the topics she goes off on – Catholicism and homosexuality primarily. But she doesn’t share that desire to stay on calm ground, and was rattling off slurs the other day. She insists that they’re not that bad. Worse, she doesn’t care if they are, since she doesn’t like the people they refer to anyway.

If it had been another person in another situation I would have gone off, but unfortunately, and for a lot of reasons, it’s not appropriate to do that, unlike the ideological screaming matches in The Boy’s apartment in college.

It was disturbing to see that hate just come so easily and offhandedly, especially from that person. And I was caught so off-guard that I didn’t step up the way I think I ought to have done. I did disagree, but only briefly and not very strongly. I just feel like I should have said more. So it’s been in my head.


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