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On Prudence

There’s a lot of news lately about bloggers who get fired for writing about their jobs.

I, you may notice, write about work in general, but not about my day-to-day work life. Nor do I tell many people about this blog. I used to make a little noise, but it’s not something I jump up and down about.

So if you’re here, congratulations. While I’m sure you’re intelligent, attractive, practically perfect in every way, and wouldn’t ever call me out for anything I say here… that don’t mean I trust y’alls.

This is not because I do anything illicit or double-super-secret or breathtakingly fascinating. It’s for a few very boring reasons.

I enjoy my job and have little to bitch about.

I try (usually unsuccessfully) not to be a gossip.

Also, I’m hella paranoid.

But, frankly, I enjoy my paycheck and I prefer to continue receiving it.

And I don’t want to get preachy or nothing, but I don’t understand why more people don’t think similarly. When the whole world could see what you publish, if they were so inclined (well, not China, but you know what I mean), that includes all the real people in your real life. It’s not calculus.


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