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Online Window Shopping: The Pause That Refreshes

If, since there are only 109 days until Christmas, you are fretting about what to get me – fret not. This watch is the hotness.

A lot of the brand is young and cheesy, but this one is also nice.

Also and unrelatedly, if you’ve noticed that I’ve been… absent? Occupied? You are not only really, so very organized to be doing your Christmas shopping so early, but completely correct.

I’ve been on different coasts in surprise cities, giving advice and getting advice, trying to win three million dollar accounts and trying to get my thesis advisor to call me the heck back.

It is an exhausting time. And frankly, I am getting through it by detaching. So truly, it is not personal, but you might best leave me alone. So, in my absence, here’s something else to amuse you:

Confidential to Tom: I just heard on Sirius Advocate OutQ news that the “Big Cup” sign will be auctioned off on Ebay. I don’t know if it would fit in your apartment, but I thought you might want to try.


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