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When Did Charlotte Church Get Dirrty?

In the U.K. her album’s been out for a couple of months and the “Call My Name” single drops in two weeks – dunno about the U.S. though.

The video is a bit peculiar, but I do like the song. Although I thought the DJ was kidding this morning when he said it was her. My goodness, did she grow up – lyrically and physically both. Girlfriend can rock a corset. There’s a slightly disturbing resemblance to the American pop tarts (Lindsay, Hilary, Ashlee, Britney, et al) but she (like her dirrty counterpart Christina) actually can sing.

P.S. And, if I can throw out a challenge – you know who you are – I think it would remix well.





I just keep listening to it. Over and over and over.

See, for me, it’s actually about the song, not the cleavage.


Frank, its ok.. I can understand how your typing skills when to shit after watching that video. Can we invite her over to your backyard and have some trampoline time? BOUNCY!!! Oh right, this is Sarah’s blog.. Thanks Sarah!


sorry thats “call my name” not call me name – that would be the reggae remix – or the ms cleo remix – call me name! call me now!


i’ll let her work on me – i mean i’ll work on her song – could be the hottest thing – since don’t cha – or even possibly “slave 4 U” – a corset and hooker boots – call me name is right! I don’t think i’d be physically able to do a mix – too distracting. after that video – i’s gots to go to confession! whoo shit

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