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Choose Your Own Adventure TV

British television is normally four steps behind the U.S. in production value but a step ahead in content and delivery innovation.

In keeping with that tradition, here’s the latest idea – broadcasting a miniseries in which viewers can choose one of two endings after each episode by voting through SMS text messages. And the show can also be viewed on a PSP.

How long do you suppose until an American station (I’d bet on cable, not one of the major networks) gives the alternate-endings version a try? It’d be costlier for production, but it would make for a really great DVD afterward.

And in other news, on the topic of British/American novelty television, I’m very annoyed that “My Kind of Town” got cancelled. That show was fantastic, no matter what the Hollywood Reporter said. It was ridiculous and kitschy and wacky – and it was great. Sad.



WWE sort of does that with the Taboo Tuesday PPV in October. They set up the matches but let the fans vote or call in during the show to see what type of match they will have. It’s fun but it hasn’t caught on. Frankly, people are too lazy when they watch TV. If we have to think, it’s not worth watching.

While on the subject of media.. When will 100% on demand cable be available?? The cable companies, just like the music industry, are terrified of the digital distribution model. No one watches TV anymore when shows are on. The phrase, “tape it” has now been replaced by “tivo it”.

Let the world be on demand!

Click-Download-Watch. I’ll pay for that! Not for this garbage I call cable TV.

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