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If I Were Shopping for a Husband

I’m not. Let’s just make that clear. I have the perfect one on layaway. And I can’t wait to see him again after way too much time.

– But. If I were?

I would not go to singles bars. I would not loiter around the gym. I would not borrow a dog to take to the park. I would not hang out in the produce aisle of the grocery store.

I would go to AHA. The annual Scientific Sessions convention of the American Heart Association.
Twenty-six thousand people. Mostly cardiologists, who are almost all male.

Literally thousands of attractive, really smart, probably really well-off men, wandering around in suits all day.

I’m just saying. If you are shopping, you might be missing an opportunity. It’s like an outlet sale.



It’s called the PR industry, honey.


If you happen to run into the equivalent for those of us shopping for wives, please let me know…

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