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Occam’s Razor

Alex Tew of Wiltshire, England is one of those people who had an idea that nobody would have thought had any point.

Alex Tew of Wiltshire, England, has made over $600,000 since August.

So clearly, nobody was right. Except for him.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal article on him from today.

It makes you want to sit and think and think and think until you think of something very obvious.


Michael Frans

My hat goes off to Alex Tew, he certainly found a unique idea to sell ad space. I actually took his idea one step further… selling ad space by the BYTE! There are so many “pixel pushers” out there now that I needed to put a spin on the pixel advertising concept. Check out




Exactly. When a weird transmission is received from space and contains 3 dimensional mathematical schematics, the simplest conclusion is that Jody Foster’s Dad is involved somehow.


No, I’m pretty sure Contact was about worm-holes in the space-time continuum, or something like that. But it’s been a long time since I saw the movie and even longer since I read the book, so a grain of salt with that.

Occam’s Razor is just a principle – reductionism, or the law of economy. Basically, all it is is a truism that says if there are a few different possible solutions, the simplest one is most likely the correct one.


That is awesome! You would think having 1,000,000 pixels sharing all these adds would be cumbersome but strangely enough its quite easy to follow.

Oh, and isn’t Occam’s Razor the plot to Contact?

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