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I’ve been on a Myspace kick, adding and finding and searching and just being overall ridiculous. Hey, it’s the holidays, right, time to find friends and family and love and joy?

Yeah, that, and I’m totally procrastinating. But honestly, there’s a little of both in there. It’s just so cool to find somebody you haven’t seen in so long and see that they’re doing good and having this totally complete life that didn’t, in fact, stop the last time you had any contact with them. It’s a big karma namaste circle of life sort of thing.

But as they say, curiosity killed the cat and eavesdroppers never hear good and whatever. I’d found old coworkers and college friends and high school friends and grade school friends and relatives. Then I got to kids I used to babysit for.

(When I procrastinate, I am nothing if not thorough.)

And I found this one boy, who used to be just the cutest little thing, and I used to hug him and tuck him in and …

… well, and now, I’m just going by his profile, but … he seems to maybe be sort of a neo-Nazi.

I used to tuck this kid in! I’m very disturbed.

And I think I’m done with my Myspace expedition.

Edited to add: A bittersweet compensation for this is the other set of old neighbors I found, who are as sweet and gorgeous as they were when they were little tiny kids. Except now they are adults. And I? Am OLD. (Hence, bittersweet.)



I wasn’t procrastinating on work, I was procrastinating on my thesis.

I follow deadlines set by OTHER people much better.

Marc Snyder

Yeah, that, and I’m totally procrastinating.
(When I procrastinate, I am nothing if not thorough.)

Hey Sarah, your boss is on line 2.




No, I suppose you’re not a stalker. Stalking usually involves an obsession over a single person. I should know because I’ve done that plenty of times before.

And totally unrelated, working in a University health center where every student’s medical records are was fun.


Stalking is fun

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