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Merry Christmas!

This will probably be it till later next week.

So, best wishes for a tremendously merry and peaceful and fun Christmas or Hanukkah, whichever (or Kwanzaa or solstice, if that’s your thing).

Be safe, be relaxed, be joyful, be silly – just BE, wherever you are, and enjoy it.

Something kind of cheesy yesterday clicked with me… along the lines of “giving the gift of your presence”. Like “presents,” get it? Ha ha.

But it really is the most important part of the holidays – not what you’ve got to do, or where you’ve got to go, but who you’re with at that particular moment, and that time you’re spending right then. I know it can definitely be hard for me to really pay attention to now and not what next.

And on that awfully sanctimonious note, I really do hope you get everything you wished for and good surprises besides. Merry merry merry!


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